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My wonderful husband has been working to streamline my website, www.rosewoodmassage.com, and make it look more professional. Check it out!

The #1 Mistake Massage Recipients Make

Do you know what the #1 mistake people make when they go for a massage is? Better yet, are you guilty of it?? Have you ever gone for a massage and thought, “I really want to make sure I get my money’s worth and make sure they get rid of that knot in my (insert body region)?” And then sat down to watch TV that evening only to feel as though you were hit by a bus earlier in the day?

It wasn’t until I went to massage school that I learned the therapeutic and highly effective nature of LIGHTER pressure! There is a law called the Arndt-Schultz Law which (basically) states that stronger stimulus will actually inhibit the body from responding the way that would be best for it.

Often times what a spasming muscle needs is coaxing – a consistant, firm pressure that convinces it that relaxed is better. Now sure, a therapist’s touch might need to be heavier for you to know he or she is doing anything, but at the same time, do you really need your bone marrow massaged??

Why not let the trained massaged therapist feel your muscle and apply the amount of pressure that they know would be best. And meanwhile, close your eyes, tune out the day, and soak up the opportunity to lay in a tranquil room with no interruptions.


Monica’s Massages On The Road…

I have joined the Rosen Shingle Creek Spa as an on-call therapist for their large massage events. This week they are teaming up with another area spa to provide a day of relaxation for vacationers from a cruiseliner. I am looking forward to the day!

I will be back at the Artisan Clubhouse giving chair massages July 14th from 12-3.

I will also be out at the World Marriot Center with a group giving chair massages and promoting massage.

MODALITY MINUTE: What exactly is Swedish Massage?


Developed by Pehr Henrik Ling and originally called Swedish gymnastics, this modality was created to teach proper movement to fencers who’s sport was hindered due to bad movement habits. It also intended to stretch and pump muscles to overcome discomfort.


Therapists stretch and pump the muscles and tissues when using Swedish techniques of “effleurage”, “petrissage”, “vibration”, “tapotement”, and “friction.” These can all be done with varying degrees of pressure. Swedish does not mean “light” pressure though it is most beneficial that lighter pressure is used first to warm up tissues before the therapist starts “digging in!”

GENTLE REMINDERS: Take time to drink water now that it is getting hot.

Increased humidity means increased sweating.

How much water you should be drinking on a daily basis? 1/2 oz per pound of body weight (200lb = 100oz).

When coming in for massage be sure to drink up PRIOR TO your appointment.

Reason: Massage moves toxins out of the tissues and needs water to move them to the kidneys and out of the body. Your body will “borrow” water from your brain to accomplish this if enough is not present in tissues! Feel groggy after your massage or a little “out of it?” That is why!


The Mailbag

Do you have a question pertaining to massage? Has something you read in the newsletter make you wonder? Chances someone else wonders that too. Send me questions. I will do my best to try and answer them here.

It was an absolute great experience to have this massage. Compared to other massages which I have had in the past, yours is more of a medical treatment, and I appreciate that! I feel much better, now pain and no other problems, I will definitely use your service again in the future.
– Nad Nassar, Managing Director


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