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Stuffy Ear Treatment

Ear candling and coupled with therapeutic craniosacral therapy

Therapeutic Massage

Encourage aches and pains to slip away while your relax!

Craniosacral Therapy

Facilitate self-healing and ease chronic pain, stress, and migraines.


Treat chronically irritated muscle for 5 days without clunky braces and losing range of motion – great for wrist, neck/shoulder, and low back


Celebrate a birthday, wedding, or friendship woth a spa party!

On-site Chair Massage

Bring massage to your workplace or next event.

Online Store

-Order Essential Oils and Products
-Schedule Massage Appointments

RESEARCH: Germs…They’re Everywhere!

AORN Journal. May, 2002 – University of Arizona study found that office desks harbor 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat! The highest bacteria levels were found on telephones, desks, water fountain handles, shopping cart handles, microwave oven door handles, and computer keyboards. Even a small area on a desk can harbor millions of bacteria, which can cause illness, according to the study. Study finds high levels of bacteria in personal office space.
When washing your hands is not an option, spray on hands after pumping gas or on cart handles use our 100% Natural Anti-Bacterial Spray (purse size, $3.50 – grain alcohol, purified water, essential oil blend).

OIL ESSENTIALS: 15 Household Problems Solved with Essential Oils (Part 2 of 3)

#6 COOKING ODORS – a few drops of clove, cinnamon, or citrus to simmering water or diffuser (try Christmas Spirit, a blend of orange, cinnamon, and spruce)
#7 BUG BITES – one drop of or Thieves directly on spot
#8 MICE – apply peppermint on cotton balls, place in problem areas. Refresh daily.
#9 SORE THROAT – mix one drop lemon or Thieves in warm water, gargle and swallow water
#10 SMELLY FEET OR SHOES – a few drops of geranium directly into shoes or place on a cotton ball and into shoes. Athlete’s foot? Tea tree is a great antifungal.
#11 REMOVING GUM, GLUE, OIL, GREASE – apply lemon to area
***Caution: I’ve had the misfortune of finding that oils aptly remove varnish/paint. (Don’t ask how!!) Take care to not drop on painted/varnished surfaces without immediate removal.
-several drops of lemon to mop water, dust rag, dishwater, and laundry
-a drop of lemon in a teaspoon of water and wipe counter to kill bacteria
* Not evaluated by FDA. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

MODALITY MINUTE: What exactly makes YL Oils Different?

They are 100% therapeutic. This means that Young Living ensures that plants are grown in the best soil possible and harvested at the correct time to maximize the oil’s therapeutic compounds, that proper distillation occurs, that oils are unadulterated and pure, and that each oil consistently has the highest naturally occurring compounds which contribute to its bioactive level and effectiveness.
The company grows some of its own plants which they use in oil production. There are no artificial ingredients or chemical/synthetic additives They meet AFNOR and ISO quality standards. Before they are certified pure they undergo rigorous testing at independent labs using Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and High Resolution Gas Chromatography.

Leibacher Testimony:

Recently I tried using a tiny amount of YOUNG LIVING THIEVES TOOTHPASTE AS DEODORANT. I know, it sounds nutty, but I heard it lasted for 2-3 days so I just had to try! I applied on Thursday after showering and went Thursday to Saturday with no reapplying and no odor. Friday consisted of a day full of massage and Saturday close to 10 hours of gardening. I found that showering did not inhibit effectiveness. I’m amazed! And for a little over $6, you can’t go wrong!

GENTLE REMINDERS: Stress getting you down?

Try the following……
1. Take one tablespoon of flax oil everyday (good fat)
2. Eat brown rice and sesame seeds (B vitamins)
3. Exercise (walk 20 min daily for good endorphins)
4. Avoid sugar (depletes B vitamins)
5. Eat organic (more minerals + fewer toxins = bang for your buck!)
6. Increase minerals – sea salt is a great source (act as spark plugs and assist enzymes with food conversion for proper cell function)


I went to my chiropractor after my massage and he said he got better adjustments than on my previous visits, presumably due to your good work. Thanks! – M. Longley, Celebration, FL
I have used the hair oil several times now and just love it. I have also discovered that it makes a great moisturizer for my legs when I get out of the shower. – Celebration, FL
Have a question or comment about massage? Send it along. I’ll post it in the next newsletter.

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