2009 August

LATEST NEWS – New Treatments

Water Therapy

This is fantastic for treatment of old “stuff,” physical or emotional. Float on the surface of the water as all three therapists gently support you from underneath and apply various techniques, chiefly Craniosacral Therapy. East Orlando and Celebration location available.

Details on all treatments

MODALITY MINUTE: What’s SomatoEmotional Release? (Part 1 of 3)

Imagine being able to lay down a heavy burden or relax from the inside out. That is what you can expect from SomatoEmotional Release (SER)along with well-functioning of body systems and overall stronger health.

A whole body approach to eliminate pain and restore motion developed in th 70’s during extensive work being done with autistic children. SER proposes that as the body experiences trauma in day to day living or in extenuating circumstances entering the body in vectors (straight lines). As the body jostles around during a trauma or based on the emotional state of the person at the time of the trauma, those vectors bend in the body and and dissapate only to resurface in local pain elsewhere. When one’s emotional state is good at the time of the trauma, the body doesn’t have negative emotion to equate with the impact and consequently store, thus enabling potential faster healing. Conversely, if panic or fear are present at the time of trauma (like in a car accident) the body processes that much differently and it has more negative effect on body systems and soft tissue.

By therapeutically taking the body back though the positions it was in when the trauma occurred, vectors are straightened out and the trauma stored there (think of it at kinetic energy…remember 5th grade science class?) can be released. When this occurs, a person might feel an emotion that was relevant at the time of the trauma’s occurance, intense heat, a lightening (opposed to being drug down), or any number of therapeutic releases. These releases can occur for up to 48 hours after the treatment.

I am preparing for SER training in October, the next step in my Craniosacral certification. If you have any questions about this treatment, feel free to send me an email or give me a call.

Take a proactive approach to your health! Health management is enjoyable; it is sickness management that is painful! Strengthen your health rather than just combating sickness!

OIL ESSENTIALS: Muscle – Rosewood’s Own Proprietary Blend

One of the most common cleint requests is for my own blend of essential oils called I call “Muscle.” Made with six different essential oils, Muscle offers a cooling, anti-inflammatory, bone strenghting boost. Its herb scent makes it pleasing to both men and women. I add Muscle to the 100% organic massage cream (also a personal blend) and occasionally I apply 2-3 drops directly on the skin if an area is extra tender or sore. Because essential oil absorbs into the tissues quite rapidly, it immediately starts working. And because it is 100% pure and undiluted, its potency delivers noticable effect in the way it cools and relaxes the muscles.

It is available in 5 and 15mL bottles to use between treatments as too.

* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.

RESEARCH: Prenatal Stress Affects infants

Harvard researchers found that women who were stressed while pregnant birthed babies with heightened allergy sensitivies and predisposed to asthma. Though pregancy massage is one way to deal with this, another is to simply learn to reduce the amount of stress we expose ourselves to.

Stress comes not just from a crazy enviroment, but from processed foods (they’re hard to digest), from things we drink (they’re hard on our liver), and from lack of sleep just to name a few. And it goes without saying that men need to reduce stress as much as women!

What are you doing to reduce your stress? Why not schedule a massage for yourself?

GENTLE REMINDERS: 5 Things That Might Make You Sick

1. Candles

– if paraffin based, they produce benzene, which when burned, is linked to leukemia; many have lead wicks too

2. Paint

– contain VOCs (see April newsletter) and ethylene glycol, a toxin linked to sperm damage and lack of concentration and mobility

3. Carpets

– off-gassing rugs emit VOCs, polybrominnated diphenyl ether(PBDEs), which is linked to thyroid dysfunction, liver disease and cancer

4. Furniture

– if stain-proof they are coated with perfluorochemicals (PFCs) and PBDEs and held together with formaldehyde-based glues

5. Plastics –

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is found in everything and they contain phthalates, organitins (endocrine disrupters), and VOCs. Throw out kitchen plastics that are scratched, warped, and discolored. #2,4, and 5 are best for food storage. Avoid #7. Don’t heat food in plastic or covered in plastic wrap in micro.

Considering a purchase? New might not be better! The longer something has been around the less it contains of these chemicals due to the fact that it had a chance to off-gas.

THE MAILBAG: Thought of the Day

“The earn, spend, earn era has come to an end for us. The idea of living a fuller, more satisfying life seems simple to us now. Money, cash, credit, maybe they don’t matter. Maybe, just maybe, those are the things that impede our ability to be truly happy.”

Patrick Wojtowicz is an “Economic Survivalist” whose family recently gave up the consumerism addiction, simplified their lives, and became homesteaders. Read More.

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