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NEW SERVICE-Stuffy Ear Treatment

Gentle – Specific – Soothing
Ear candling (one candle in each ear) and point specific craniosacral therapy on temporal and sphenoid areas. 70 min treatment – $90

RESEARCH: You Are What You Breath!

Many household chemicals contain VOCs, volatile organic compounds. When sprayed they form volatile microscopic particles and are easily inhaled causing damage to body organs upon entering the bloodstream.

Our bodies absorb and store synthetic chemicals so VOCs accumulate in and remain for decades. Everyone carries synthetic chemicals in their tissues. It just can’t be avoided completely.

One study found 400+ toxic chemical residues from household products and foods in human blood and fat tissue. Another recorded over 200 industrial chemicals/pollutants in newborn cord blood – 180 carcinogens, 217 toxic to the brain and nervous system, 208 causing birth defects or abnormal development in animals.

I heard it said the other day about drinking clean water…Either buy a filter or be a filter!

OIL ESSENTIALS: Antibiotic Properties in Oils

Many EO have broad-spectrum antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. For example, thyme proved antimicrobial effects against 25 different bacteria types (Deans and Richie, 1987).

Adults should have 3-4 pounds of beneficial bacteria in their intestines to constitute a first line of defense against bacterial and viral infection, produce B vitamins, maintain pH balance, combat yeast and fungus overgrowth, and aid in digestive process.

Synthetic antibiotic drugs, composed of a single type of chemical, indiscriminately kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria resulting in yeast infections, diarrhea, poor nutrient assimilation, fatigue, and degenerative diseases.

Essential oils are composites of hundreds of chemical compounds synergizing together creating a stronger whole than its individual parts. Oregano, thyme, cinnamon, mountain savory, lemon, rosewood, melaleuca, clove, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata are examples.

* Not evaluated by FDA. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

MODALITY MINUTE: What exactly is Homeopathy?

The homeopathic model is opposite of western medicine which uses substances that counteract bodily symptoms (antibiotic, antidiuretic, etc). This western system is known as allopathic.

Homeopathy uses tiny doses of natural substances that match a person’s personality or situation creating an extremely powerful effect. This is known as Hahnemann’s Law of Similars. (For example, someone with overly watery eyes would use a remedy made from onion.) For acute symptoms like a sore throat, a remedy is easily be found at the health food store. In chronic, long term cases, a constitutional remedy more appropriate and is best gotten through a homeopathic doctor.

Once familiar with homeopathy it is possible to find a remedy for yourself, though for best and quickest results going through a doctor is recommended since it is important that remedies match perfectly to symptoms and circumstances. Otherwise they won’t work. With thousands of potential remedies available, one can always be found.

GENTLE REMINDERS: Detoxing Strengthens Your Health So You Can Better Handle Crisis

Achieving optimal health and body function without medication is possible. Below are some tips for assisting in that process.

1. Forego plastic-bottled water. Drink filtered water from a glass. Aim for one quart each day, with 1/2 your body weight in ounces being optimal. This helps your cells flush out toxins.
2. Eat 1/2 of a red apple each day.
3. Stop drinking pop. Its is one of the worst beverages and is quite toxic when consumed over time.
4. Eat 1/3C of raw, red beets. Beets promote liver health. The liver is “Chief Body Detoxifier.”
5. Eat a few ounces of dairy (raw is best) each day. Toxins latch onto the fat for easy elimination.

THE MAILBAG: What do you think of “Brand Name” products? -Poinciana, FL

I have a few general thoughts about supplements:
-You get what you pay for.
-Consider absorption ratings, synthetic vs food derived, need, and results. Is it performing?
-Take care that you consume only what you need.
-As my traditional Chinese Medicine doctor says…‘In’ needs to equal ‘out’. Too much in (too many supplements) and not as much out (excretion) is a recipe for pathology. In other words it’s MUCH better to get nutrition from a fiber-rich, non-GMO, non-processed diet.

NOTE: Often joint pain is a result of excess sugar and acid in the system…coffee, pop, caffeine, processed food, candy, etc.

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