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Craniosacral Therapy – Peeling Away Layers of Restriction

I finished another workshop with Upledger Institute this past month and am excited to share what I have learned, including techniques specific to the mouth which are superb for TMJ, migraine, strong gag reflexes, and sinusitis just to name a few things.
As a way of introducing these new skills into my practice, I am offering a $20 discount to the first 5 people who call to schedule a craniosacral session. Your 70 minute treatment will cost only $55!

RESEARCH: What’s the difference between BGH and rBGH?

Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is a natural protein hormone produced in a cow’s pituitary gland. Recombinant BGH (rBGH;BST;rBST) is an engineered hormone manufactured by Monsanto and approved by the FDA in 1993 that is injected into the cow so it will produce more milk. It is banned in Canada, Australia, Japan and the EU. Several US companies have voluntarily banned it in their products.
Unless you use dairy that specifically states that no rBGH was used chances are it was. U.S. General Accounting Office and the Consumer’s Union, publisher of Consumer Reports magazine, have warned of potential hazards to human health caused by consuming products derived from rBGH-treated cows.
And what about the cows? rBGH is like crack for cows. It revs their system and forces them to produce more milk but also makes them sick. Even the FDA admits that cows injected with rBGH could suffer from increased udder infections, severe reproductive problems, digestive disorders, foot and leg ailments, and persistent sores and lacerations.

MODALITY MINUTE: What exactly is Craniosacral Therapy? (Part 3 of 3)

“…there seems to be a constantly-changing list of ‘popular’ human maladies. It is though we have a need to suffer…”
-Dr. John Upledger, DO

Dr. Upledger notes that back in the 60’s business executives suffered from peptic ulcers, creatively frustrated housewives from depression, and blue collar workers from hemorrhoids. In the 80’s antacids marked the upwardly mobile while today the male has a coronary bypass scar and the woman oral appliances…the “badge of her TMJ.” Rather than brush off these symptoms as passing fads, Upledger regards them seriously disagreeing with their over diagnosis. He mentions that TMJ was called Costen’s Syndrome in 1936. The Upledger Institute finds again and again that CST is highly effective in treating these symptom trends of different decades.

Aim to strengthen your health. Approach health care proactively rather than as a fireman would a burning building…with high pressure water hose and ax. Make good choices daily to short circuit major catastrophe. Eat right. Use exercise as a way to reduce stress. Minimize environmental toxins. Address facial and muscle restrictions in the body with massage. And watch yourself soar!

A CASE STUDY – December 2008; Celebration, FL

A fibromyalgia sufferer called the other day having been suffering with a headache for over a month. She had made repeated trips to a pain clinic and her latest one – that morning – proved devastating as the doctor sent her away unable to give her any more treatments. Not that she got relief from the treatments that she received there, she clung to that hope. With head pounding, guests on the way, and nothing to stop the headache she called me for CST.

After I finished treating her, I recommended a chiropractic appointment because as I worked I could tell her spine seemed out of alignment. She drove from my office to the chiropractor and then home to put ice on her neck. The next morning I got this email (She has permitted me to share her story and her note):

“…I wanted you to know that when I got home I laid down on ice packs and had the best night I’ve ever had in weeks!!!..”

After her second appointment she commented,

“I can’t remember the last time that I have gone for so long without a headache…I feel so relaxed right now. It has been so long since I have felt like this.”

The key to this successful treatment is her desire to get well. She is not enmeshed in her condition and finding her identity therein. Instead, she sees it as a hindrance and is willing to do what she needs to to feel better. She has set up four weekly CST with chiropractic adjustments right after because that is what she feels she needs. She’s been using ice at home to alleviate pain and aromatherapy to ensure she gets a good night’s sleep which is crucial to strengthening health.

GENTLE REMINDERS: 4 Tips for Comfy Airplane Travel

1 – Avoid alcohol and dehydration before/during travel.
2 – Eat heavy the day before travel and light the day of. Hydrate.
3 – If possible, sit in the sun on the plane.
4 – Exercise on the plane (contract and relax muscles, stretch).

THE MAILBAG: Massage Helped Me Finish My Race

“Just a short note to tell you that I finished the race in Maryland, and my body wasn’t completely trashed, as it was in South Dakota a couple of months ago. I felt a little tightness in the IT band, but everything else was OK.I don’t think any of this would have been possible without the eight massages. Thanks very much for your professionalism and interest.”
-M. Yecies


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