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Take a proactive approach to your health!

Health management is enjoyable; it is sickness management that is painful! Strengthen your health rather than just combating sickness!

RESEARCH: Survey Says…

A recent survey reported that of those surveyed about Spa visits:

45% went due to a family or friend recommendation
38% went due to complimentary services/products
66% didn’t go due to the expense
23% didn’t go because they didn’t have enough time
So, I polled LinkedIn folks and asked them to respond to the following question:

Which response best represents your attitude toward massage? Massage is…

57% Proactive healthcare
15% Too expensive
14% Good only for relaxing
6% Not for me
4% Good only when I have pain
How about you? I am interested in what you would you say. Cast your vote here!


Whether you’re enjoying lemon’s warm, aromatic tones, boosting your complexion, or adding zest to recipes here are easy ways to use lemon
Diffuse in kitchen – boosts emotions, deodorizes, freshens
Enhances flavor naturally in beverages
Spot cleans everything from household surfaces to skin
Freshens linens: Combine 5 drops lemon, 2 drops peppermint, 1C water. Shake and spray.
Add 1 drop to vinaigrettes and sorbets for additional flavor and gentle internal cleansing.
* Not FDA evaluated. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


The Southern Medical Journal reported a double blind study examining effects of intercessory prayer on 393 coronary care patients with loved ones not present. Fewer patients in the prayer group required mechanical ventilation/antibiotics and were less likely to develop pneumonia or require diuretics. (Expect great things if the God of the universe helps! Watch this short video.)

GENTLE REMINDERS: Goji Berries (aka wolfberry)

Goji berries, used over 2,000 years in Chinese antiaging tonics, can help many conditions like poor vision, erectile dysfunction, and cancer. They are antioxidants (reduce inflammation), fight free radicals (protect connective tissue), protect against Alsheimer’s, and are great for the skin, eyes, and protection of nerve cells.

What makes them work?

High levels of 2-o-ascorbic acid (beta-D-glucopyranosyl), bets-carotene, lutein, xeaxanthin, polysaccharides, beta-sitosterol, hesperidin, nicotinic acid, B1 and 2, E, 30 essential and trace minerals, 18 amino acids
Amazing for a little berry no bigger than a raisin!

THE MAILBAG: Clients Get Relief

Thank you for checking in on me. The acute stabbing pain has subsided and I am almost able to stand completely upright. I can’t thank you enough for the relief!!
– Gina M. (Celebration, FL)


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