2009 May

LATEST NEWS – Rosewood Holistic Health Celebrates 1 Year!

Bringing my first year of massage to a close

I find myself thankful and feeling amazingly blessed.

I’ve had the privilege of treating so many, providing treatment that ousts pain and leaves people feeling better!

I’ve conquered the world of Facebook

both personally and for Rosewood Holistic Health, connected with many in LinkedIn (and found myself meeting these people as the year has progressed), woven my way into an internet network of blogs about massage and health, publishing a monthly e-newsletter and articles, and making business profile upon business profile for websites.
I’ve created and presented a series of courses on aromatherapy to a group of ladies which amounted to lots of fun! And along those same lines,

I’ve developed my own proprietary blends

which have become quite popular in massage treatments: Muscle Blend, Relaxation Blend, Energizing Blend, PMS Blend, BugOff Blend (keeps bugs away and itch relief), and Clean Blend (defeats germs, microbes, and bacteria).
And lastly

I’ve had the opportunity to watch the Lord work in sessions to bring clients relief

through the massage modalities that I have been working to perfect.
May is “Massage Madness Month!” Not only do I have some great offers for this month, but I am introducing an All-New Frequent Massage Program and some fun contests with prizes!!

A few places to find Rosewood online:

Merchant Circle – Please leave a comment.
Facebook – Become a fan.
In every way this has been an adventure. I never thought I would be an LMT when I grew up. Well, I’ve conquered the LMT part, now I just need to work in the growing up!!

Therapy really can touch tranquility!

RESEARCH: Eye-Opening Customer Service Findings

A startling 68% of customers feel unappreciated, unimportant, and taken for granted by those that serve them! I hope that’s never case when you visit me for massage. Here are some of the extras you can look forward to:

-70 minute treatments.

It takes 15 min to relax. You deserve 1 hour of relaxation!

-Pay for 70 min, get 70 minutes!

If filling out the form take a bit longer, no worries. I only ask that you arrive promptly for treatment.

-100% natural massage cream,

blended myself from beeswax and food-grade ingredients. Completely unscented. No nut oils.

-Complimentary aromatherapy.

Please schedule and arrive 15 min early.
-Your opinion is important to me! If you love your treatment, tell others. If I need improvement, please tell me. For your convenience a customer opinion survey is available on my website.

-Massages are tailored to you.

I can mix types of massage! Just ask. I’ll be happy you did!

OIL ESSENTIALS: 15 Household Problems Solved with Essential Oils (Part 3 of 3)

#11 TEETHING PAIN – a drop of chamomile on a pre-moistened and frozen washcloth
#12 INCREASE HAIR GROWTH – 1-2 drops of rosemary on brush before brushing
#13 FACIAL GLOW – a drop of geranium to unscented facial moisturize
#14 POISON IVY – apply lavender
#15 FLU – diffuse thyme…more on fighting the flu in June…
* Not evaluated by FDA. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Get red itchy rashes from frequent hand washing? Thinning or balding hair?
Your personal care products may be causing or compounding these problems. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) is used to increase the foaming action of almost every soap, shampoo, and toothapste on the market, though it doesn’t add anything to the product’s ability to clean.
Have senitive skin? Check your product labels. SLS is known to cause skin problems and can interfere with healthy hair growth.

THE MAILBAG: Frequent Massage Program Clients Get Results

“I highly recommend Monica’s Frequent Massage Program as a great way to alleviate chronic issues that occasional massage, though comforting, cannot adequately address. Coming in for therapeutic massage on a weekly basis meant Monica could “build” on the therapy she’d performed the previous week, thus achieving long term relief. The massage series provided by Monica was of the highest quality. She is a gifted therapist and coming in for a series allowed her to utilize her talents to their fullest.”
– Joan Murphy, Celebration, FL

Have a question or comment about massage? Send it along. I’ll post it in the next newsletter.

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