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LATEST NEWS – Social Networking

It’s all the rage. Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, you name it. Are you are like me getting swept away in the virtual chatter wave, forgetting about what’s going on realtime?

I’ve noticed that the longer I stare at the computer, the easier it is to continue staring. My latest effort to balance online and offline is to set a time limit and then get up and integrate chores, errands, and phone calls. I’ve found that if I don’t do this purposefully I won’t do it at all.

Health management is enjoyable. Sickness management painful. Be procative. Don’t just combat sickness, strengthen your health! Massage can help.

MODALITY MINUTE: What’s SomatoEmotional Release? (Part 2 of 3)

Energy cysts are the ‘suitcases’ in which our bodies store trauma. And just as an overstuffed suitcase can cause pain to the person carrying it, an energy cyst does the same thing.

Things our body tissues receive as trauma might not even seem traumatic to us. Nonetheless, those things get recorded and stored inside. We notice them when they are too much for our bodies to hold, just like the suitcase.

Energy cysts do eventually cause pain and often retain a negative emotional component.

In his book SomatoEmotional Release, John Upledger states that energy cyst-retained anger has the potential to cause a person’s total personality to operate in an angry mode and that that the same is true of other destructive emotions like guilt and fear.

SomatoEmotional Release not only addresses the muscles but uses them as a potential avenue of expression for the emotion that is also caught there.

In preparation for my October SER training, in September I’m offering an extra 15 min of Craniosacral Therapy mouthwork free of charge added onto any scheduled treatment (if desired). Mouthwork is a great general treatment and perfect therapy for TMJ sufferers, those who have had braces, and those suffering from chronic neck pain.

OIL ESSENTIALS: Ginger Essential Oil and Cancer

Young Living is proud of its involvement in furthering the holistic health community, including a partnership with Beth Israel Medical Center. At this time Young Living Therapeutic GradeT Ginger essential oil is provided to patients on the oncology floor and the results are being tracked in a pilot study.

We are always excited to hear of other studies and trials that advance the use of Eastern healing modalities, such as using herbs and supplements, yoga, and aromatherapy, in conjunction with Western treatments. Recently an independent clinical trial was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology on the use of ginger to help patients. Young Living hopes that studies like this will further the use of integrative medicine in medical centers worldwide.

* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.

RESEARCH: Abdominal Massage and Constipation

Research finds abdominal massage to significantly reduce gastrointestinal symptoms and increase bowl movements in those suffering with constipation. Participants in the study received 15min of massage/day for eight weeks though self-massage could make these results possible for anyone. If you want to learn the techniques, I would be glad to show you how.


Whether it is from antibiotics overuse or routine use of prophylactic antibiotics (farming, etc) bacteria have evolved to become resistant to commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat infections. There are two types:


(Healthcare Assoc-Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) found in hospitals; highly resistant to most antibiotics; first appeared in ’50s


(Community Assoc-MRSA) found in nursing homes, prisons, athletic facilities; very communicable

MRSA are transmitted two ways:

direct infection and through toxins that the bacteria produce. Direct infection is responsible for skin infections which may start when the bacteria enters through some sort of break in the skin. This could be a cut, insect bite, or rash. Toxins can be introduced through the ingestion of improperly prepared or stored food, especially diary based sauces, salad dressings, and pastries.

Initially MRSA looks like a small pimple or insect bite. Shortly it appears as a large boil surrounded by reddened skin and may be accompanied by fever and/or rash. Left unattended it can lead to systemic infection, toxic shock, or even killing the tissue. It is imperative to get checked quickly if MRSA is suspected because the infection spreads rapidly and can cause a great deal of damage.

MRSA can live on inanimate objects for months depending on the type of surface, the environment, and amount of germs present. They can be spread from one person to another from personal contact with an infected person. Prevention is key. MRSA is easily removed by simple cleaning methods like handwashing and wearing gloves around those infected.

THE MAILBAG: Essential Oil Use Eases Cold Symptoms

“Recently I had a bad sore throat and cold. I used eucalyptus blended in oil and rubbed it around my throat and sinuses and was able to breathe much better and it also helped me sleep. In addition, I made a ‘tea’ of warm water and a drop of lemon oil and sipped that throughout the day and it relieved my sore throat. I felt better and I didn’t get a headache like I usually do with traditional cold medications.”
– Celebration, FL

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