2010 January

LATEST NEWS – New Year’s Re”Solution”

Make a resolution this year that does not involve eating less chocolate!

Spend 70 min each month on yourself de-stressing, strengthening your health, and re-energizing with massage.

MODALITY MINUTE: Massage Speeds Visual Development in Pre-term Infants

Studies show massage therapy to speed brain development, particularly visual function, in pre-term infants. Infants had accelerated EEG activity compared to a control group that did not receive massage treatment. Babies also had higher blood levels of IGF-1 (believed to improve visual development).

OIL ESSENTIALS: Orange-Jasmine Scrub

This indulgent skin treatment leaves skin soft and exfoliated. To an 8oz jar of sea salt, add 6 drops sweet orange essential oil, 4 drops jasmine essential oil, and 1T coconut oil. Shake to combine. Work the scrub onto your arms and legs, paying special attention to rough spots like your elbows, heels, and knees. Rinse.
* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.

RESEARCH: The Rocket Fuel/Baby Formula Connection

Perchlorate, a compound in rocket fuel, is everywhere. Besides being toxic and a burden to the liver, it also is stressful to the thyroid by being antogonistic to iodine. A CDC study published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, revealed that every infant formula tested contained perchlorate. Highest levels were found in cow’s milk products. How does perchlorate get into infant formula? Simple. It’s in the water supply given to dairy cows which in turn pass the chemicals through their milk and into the formula. Find recipes for homemade formula at www.westonaprice.org

GENTLE REMINDERS: Going Green Need Not Be Expensive

No fancy gadgets required. Just a little forethought and change. Here’s how!
-Drive defensively. Slow down to 65mph.
-Get and pay bills online.
-Discontinue catalogs.
-Use rags instead of paper towels.
-Consider installing fluorescent light bulbs and faucet aerators.
-Cut back on natural resources. Consume less – car pool, reuse packaging, or turn off lights/TV.
-Use fewer cleaning supplies and make those you use green. Mix them yourself. Try Thieves All-Purpose Household Cleaner!
-Use non-disposable cups and do away with bottled water. Saves plastic and fuel to ship it from one side of the globe to the other (Fiji and Evion).
-Use rechargeable batteries and recycle those that aren’t.

MAILBAG: Can aromatherapy work without the aroma?

Yes! A study was done where participant were fitted with masks to prevent inhalation. Rose essential oil was applied to the skin. Compared to the placebo group, the rose group boasted calm, relaxed feelings. Significant decrease in breathing rate, blood oxygen saturation, and systolic blood pressure was also noted.
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