2010 June


As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I will be moving from my current location at the end of this month; my last day is May 25. After much deliberation, I have decided to take the summer off and make sure that Emme has as much English behind her as possible before starting school in the fall. Once I have her in school, I will open back up the office location ‘folder.’
I have a few places in Celebration that I have been looking at, all of which are very nice and all with their own set of considerations as well. It is very important to me to make the best decision, therefore, I don’t want it to be hasty one. One of the things slowing me down, admittedly, is the cost of rent in Celebration…it is outrageous. And since I only work two days each week I am having a hard time justifying it (and convincing my hubby).
I am always open to ideas, so if any of you have ideas or an office location that I should consider, please let me know. In the meantime, there are some clients who have a few treatments left in their packages who I will be contacting individually so that they do not miss out on any treatment that has been pre-paid.
Thank you all for your continued support and for being your wonderful selves. Look for my newsletters during the summer! I hope you love looking at them as much as I love creating them for you!
Love and health, Monica

OIL ESSENTIALS: Bug Repellent Spray

As a resident of Florida I am innundated with bugs! I’ve found essential oils to be highly effective in keeping bugs away without the use of toxic chemicals. Oils that have pungent, spicy, or woodsy odors naturally repel insect by masking body scent. The five most effective oils are cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and Melaleuca ericifolia.
Because of their potency and concentration, essential oils should always be diluted when used in a spray. When making a product to perform a specific funcition – like keep away the bugs – aromatherapy worries less about scent and more about product effectiveness. All oils listed smell wonderful, though some are a little stronger than others. Mix and match the oils to your liking but don’t be disappointed when what you make doesn’t smell like Chanel No.5! To start with the oils that you are using smell different. And second, much of what is bought commercially is chemically produced – and synthetic always smells different than natural!

Here’s how to make the spray:

1. Fill a 4-ounce spray bottle 2/3 full with water. Add 4-6 drops of any combination of oils listed.
2. Spray clothes frequently – every 10 to 15 minutes – to successfully ward off insects. Do not spray on face.
* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.

GENTLE REMINDERS: Prevent Computer Eyestrain

Dust off computer screen weekly
Remember, the best lighting makes light equal in entire field of vision
Give you eyes a break every 30 minutes
Blink often
Get an eye check-up

MAILBAG: Good Thought!

In order to be maximally sensitive to another person, one must be maximally sensitive to oneself. – Thomas Hanna
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