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As I slip into motherhood, I am becoming intimately acquainted with how time flies and last month it did just that! Zipping right out of July and into August I missed the August newsletter send-out and now as it comes to a close I have 30min to consider September’s newsletter.
As you all know, I’ve been looking to relocate my office. Every door upon which I knocked, just hasn’t opened…for a reason. Without getting into the nitty gritty, I have decided best to come to you and provide treatment in-home.
Additionally, I have just returned from my first class in Craniosacral for Pediatrics and I elaborate a more below on the wonderful benefits CST has for your children.
If you are interested in craniosacral therapy for yourself or your family, I am happy to help in any way I can. Love and health, Monica


A person is a person, no matter how small.- Dr. Seuss

When our children are hurting, we hurt too. And what causes children “ouches” as they grow is a culmination of life – from everyday bumps and bruises to difficult births to congenital issues that never seem to resolve.
Craniosacral Therapy addresses the soft tissue and all the energy, emotion, and restriction therein. As a child grows, life collects in their bodies just like it does an adult’s and those things show up down the road in physical pain, emotional disturbances, etc. They may even be presenting themselves now!
In addition, childhood illnesses like ADD, ADHD, and SI Dysfunction to name the more common ones, can be addressed through CST and leave a child calmer, more focused, and able to deal with life. Looking the other way and the latest Rx are not your only options!
If you child is having issues that you just can’t put a finger on, why not try Craniosacral Therapy. It may just be what the doctor didn’t order!!


Wintergreen’s cortisone-like action works well for bone problems.
Cypress helps increase the circulation.
Marjoram is great with muscle problems.
Peppermint reduces inflammation.
Lemongrass relieves problems with ligaments.
Oregano knocks out viruses.
* Not FDA evaluated or meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent disease.


According to the National Candle Association, 90% of candle manufactures use paraffin, a bleached petroleum residue. No long term studies have been performed to track its health effects but chances are high that paraffin candles contain synthetic scents, artificial colors and metal wicks, and the EPA has stated frequent the use of lead wicks is potentially harmful.
The best the to do? Burn beeswax candles that are naturally scented of scented with essential oils. Beeswax, the cap of the honeycomb, is completely natural, and requires no chemicals to process. Better yet, it is renewable and sustainable. Its natural scent is soft and honeylike. When burned, beeswax emits negative ions, which bond to positively charged dust, pollen, dander, germs, mildew, and food odors in the air and drops them to the floor. Negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain resulting in increased alertness, mental energy, and decreased drowsiness.
Want the most ‘burn’ for your buck? Beeswax gives you a good run for your money!

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