2011 March


why folks don’t think massage is a must!

I mean after all it feels so good – lie down for an hour, relax, forget about life, have 100% of the therapist’s attention and a captive audience if you so choose! Who really needs that??!

But what I can’t understand is

the number of people who walk around in pain every day and and think they will get relief from muscular aches by surrendering themselves to the knife of a surgeon. Wouldn’t you rather do something that feels good, leaves you feeling good, and makes the rest of your day wonderful and see if that works first?

Here are a few health benefits of massage

that just may leave you feeling better than you think possible. Massage…
.boosts immune system function because white blood cells (your body’s first line of defense against diesease) increase after a massage.
.increases dopamine levels (decreased stress and depression)
.reduces cortisol levels.
.increases seratonin levels which reduces pain in your body.

All of that to say, massage is really guilt free…and not too many things in life so wonderful have that claim to fame – so imbibe!!


As many of you know I have recently finished up a second indepth course regarding cranisoacral therapy for children. What a great way to give your child what they need to start off helath, strong, and vibrant! I am also glad to say that I have submitted my first draft for my craniosacral therapy certification. Once I finish this extensive process I will be able to say that I am a full-fledged craniosacral therapist. As my paper is being reviewed please pray that all goes well within that process


Here’s to health and wellness! Monica
Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc and International Assoc of Healthcare Practitioners

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