2011 November


Due to circumstances outside of my control, I have needed to quickly relocate. I have found an executive suite in Downtown Celebration’s “Old Town Hall.” I have been working from this office for only a few days and I already love it! I am certain you will all find it a great place for treatment. My meeting with the health inspector went smoothly and now I look forward to all that lies ahead. As always I am available after hours for emergency treatment, so no need to hesitate to call.

BIG thank yous go out to several people for making all of this happen so quickly. Thank you to my husband Herb who spent many long hours this past weekend helping me move heavy things and put together furniture with lost of pieces. Thank you to Bob Guidace of Gulfpark Realty for returning all the phone calls so fast and for being willing to turn on a dime to make paper signing quick and painless. Thank you to Emme for being responsible and patient and for helping to carry lots of ‘junk’ (that is her new favorite word) up lots of stairs. Thank you to Kevin Delaney of Delaney Insurance Group for sharing his internet connection so that I did not need to wait for a connection of my own to get set up. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s to wellness, insurance classes, and new locations!
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Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc
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