2012 April

Tooth Health Affects Your Entire Body

Tempted to skip your evening tooth-brushing? Heart health is linked to how many germs you have in your mouth believe it or not! Research from the University of Buffalo associates two oral pathogens with an increased risk in heart attacks. Plaque at the gum line is a great hiding place for oral bacteria. Wipe it out with daily brushing and bi-annual visits to your dentist.

Enzymes – Nature’s Answer for Effective Living

Most people don’t know that the human body breaks down/digests approximately 50% of the food we eat. Live enzymes are supplied in raw food, but cooking or processing food kills all the enzymes. This is the most overlooked situation in health today.

If you want a fully functional, effective, and strong immune system improving digestion and cleaning the blood is the way to give the human body back its full power to protect and repair. Great health is one of the most valuable possession a person has. Digestive enzymes are necessary in ensuring that great health!

Modality Minute: Stress Reduction

Stress: the feeling you get when your gut says “No” and your mouth says “Yes, I’d be glad to.” – Dick Francis

Someone once told me that when I have a hard time saying ‘no’ a response I might try instead is, “That sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I just can’t say ‘yes’ right now!”

I like that approach. It sits well with me. But I have to admit, I forget to say that and from time to time I find myself bombarded with projects and scheduled events that I could have avoided.

There is peace in an empty schedule…and lots more ‘girl time’…something Emme and I love!

Here’s to health, wellness, and more ‘girl time’! Monica

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