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Raindrop Therapy is an aromatherapy massage that enhances wellness, detoxifies the body, and leaves one feeling grounded. Eight powerfully detoxifying and antimicrobial essential oils are used on the feet and on the back in a way unlike any other treatment around.

ENZYMES – Nature’s Answer for Effective Living

Enzyme production decreases in the absence of live food or disease, stress, aging and petrochemicals.and their production is inhibited by Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, antibiotics, household cleansers, cleansing solvents, microwave radiation, and heat over 120 degrees.

When our body’s enzyme reserves start diminishing, we develop bi-polar tendencies, catch colds and flus, get arthritis, and suffer with allergies, autism, Parkinson’s, inflammation, cancer, digestive problems, heart disease, hormone deficiencies, strokes, and even headaches!

Our magnificent bodies create over 3,000 different kinds of enzymes, all with their own job description. Within the cells of our lungs, liver, brain, and digestive system we should have millions of enzymes to be healthy and complete tasks like stimulating the brain to increase the memory. Food void of enzymes (food that does not come in its own wrapper…remember the old School House Rock cartoon??), simply said, drains the body’s reserves.

1. Enzymes are proteins produced by living organisms.
2. They contain amino acids.
3. Enzymes are catalysts that create many essential biochemical reactions.
4. Enzymes facilitate quick chemical reactions and without them some metabolic processes would happen very slowly or not at all.
5. When they are disrupted we lose their ability to function!

My family has added enzymes to our diets with great digestive effects to show for it. We have been taking Essentialzyme from Young Living and have found we have better digestion, better excretion, and better attitudes.

OIL ESSENTIALS: Wellness Packed into a Tiny Bottle

Many EO have broad-spectrum antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. For example, thyme proved antimicrobial effects against 25 different bacteria types (Deans and Richie, 1987).

Adults should have 3-4 pounds of beneficial bacteria in their intestines to constitute a first line of defense against bacterial and viral infection, produce B vitamins, maintain pH balance, combat yeast and fungus overgrowth, and aid in digestive process.

Synthetic antibiotic drugs, composed of a single type of chemical, indiscriminately kill both beneficial and harmful bacteria resulting in yeast infections, diarrhea, poor nutrient assimilation, fatigue, and degenerative diseases.

Essential oils are composites of hundreds of chemical compounds synergizing together creating a stronger whole than its individual parts. Oregano, thyme, cinnamon, mountain savory, lemon, rosewood, melaleuca, clove, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata are examples.

* Not evaluated by FDA. Not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Here’s to health and wellness! Monica

Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc and International Assoc of Healthcare Practitioners

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