2012 January


Plan on investing in your health in 2012.
Plan to decrease stress.
Plan to decrease blood pressure.
Plan to decrease cortisol levels.
Plan to get rid of that pain in the neck!

Plan to get rid of the fuzz! Wanna see ‘the fuzz’ below the skin? Go to The Fuzz and step into 5 minutes of a laboratory dissection.

Easiest way to do all of that?? Get regular massages!

(And while you are at it, buy a treatment for that pain in the neck. They will be glad you did! …you know that’s what you were thinking!!:-))

ENZYMES – Nature’s Answer for Effective Living

Enzymes are found in every living cell – human, animal, and plant – and involved in every life process. As leaves change color getting ready to drop off, I bet you never thought, “Wow, look at the phenomenal enzyme activity!” Enzymes digest the leaves making them change colors as they decompose.

That enzyme action is used in the kitchen too! Aged meat, a decomposition process, has better flavor and is more tender. In the same way enzymes make it easier for our intestines to digest food. They are food potentiators, making the nutrients in food available and enhancing the absorption of it.

Essential oils stimulate enzyme activity in the body. Research is now showing that frankincense (boswellia sacra) stimulates the enzymes in the body to “kill” cancer, in particular bladder cancer.

Not only has my family been using essential oils and experiencing their wonderful benefits, but we have added enzymes to our diets with great digestive effects to show for it. We have been taking Essentialzyme from Young Living and have found we have better digestion, better excretion, and better attitudes.

MODALITY MINUTE: Craniosacral Therapy for the Family

Even a single session can help you or your child achieve priceless benefits from calmness and greater focus to better integrated sensory facilities. Additional sessions can extend and strengthen these outcomes, often producing results unmatched by other therapies.

I am extremely proud to offer craniosacral therapy to help children and adults work through difficulties. Most recently I have been finding ways to integrate more and more essential oils into the treatment – essential oils that are chosen specifically for the client and their symptoms/conditions. I hope that you will pass my information on to friends and family who may benefit from craniosacral therapy. Also, if your pediatrician does not have a craniosacral therapist to whom they refer, I would love to speak with him or her.

Here’s to health and wellness! Monica

Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc and International Assoc of Healthcare Practitioners

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