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In my practice I use a hydraulic table that lowers down to 12 inches off the floor. This feature makes it easily accessible for those in wheel chairs, older clients who have difficulty propping themselves up to higher places, and clients who have painful leg conditions that prohibit them from raising their legs up high.

The Comfort Craft table is the Cadillac of massage tables, offering comfort, flexibility, and multiple positioning features to the client, stretching the back and chest muscles, changing and enhancing the way that the massage is be given. If you have not had a massage on a mid-split hydraulic table, now is the time to schedule a treatment for yourself. New clients will receive 10% off their first visit and the client who refers them will receive $10 in Loyalty Bucks to use as money off future massages or products.

ENZYMES – Nature’s Answer for Effective Living

Enzymes serve practical everyday biochemical functions in the body.

1. Facilitate the building of compounds from the body’s raw materials
2. Transport elements throughout the body
3. Break down food
4. Eliminate toxins and chemical waste in the body

Enzymes are natural chemical compounds that orchestrate other chemical functions like:

1. delivering nutrients to the body.
2. supporting glandular function, hormone production, and toxic waste disposal.
3. digestion and assimilation.

4. catalyzing the breakdown of the protein shell of cancer cells.

After digestion is completed the enzymes will break down and pass into the blood stream as amino acids becoming the body’s building blocks body. Protease, amylase, and other enzymes enter the bloodstream cleaning out foreign materials like free radicals and potential allergens which create gluten intolerance and other allergies.

Enzymes are so valuable that the FDA has approved enzyme therapies for cancer, cardiovascular disease, removal of necrotic (dead) tissue, gastrointestinal and pancreatic conditions,and removal of toxic substances from the blood!

MODALITY MINUTE: Texting Thumbs – Avoid DIGITAL Stress

How many hours do you spend researching, computing, communicating on gadgets and gizmos including that ancient device…the telephone? According to PC Magazine 5% of adults send 200 or more texts a day and teens are off the charts. Keyboarding has literally become a national “sport” and obsession!

Repetitive movements cause repetitive stress injuries (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome. (Anatomically speaking, there is a tunnel formed by the bones and tissue of your wrist which protects the nerve that go through your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. When the tissue in the carpal ‘tunnel’ becomes inflamed, the nerve becomes irritated and your hand may then begin to hurt or actually become numb. And the inflammation is often started by tight muscles in the shoulder from poor body posture while using technology.)

Understand what all of this looks like below the surface of the skin in this short one minute video about fascia, the integral connective structure of our body. Check out Strolling Under the Skin. High risk professions include cashiers, carpenters, gardeners, mechanics, and massage therapists. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health over 8 million Americans suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Tips to prevent repetitive stress injury:
1. Create an ergonomic work environment/station.
2. Use good posture.
3. Take breaks including device-free vacations.
4. Disperse tasks that require repetitive motion.
5. Learn to recognize the symptoms such as numbness or tingling in hands.

6. Remember that massage therapy relieves pain, numbness, and tingling.

Here’s to health and wellness! Monica

Member of Florida State Massage Therapy Assoc and International Assoc of Healthcare Practitioners

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