2012 October

Clients Comment On Their Treatment

“When I came to your office complaining of jaw pain over 10 days ago, I was expecting to get a little relief that would last for perhaps the rest of the day. Instead what I got was a brand new jaw! This jaw pain has been a chronic thing for me since the age of 14. I have been to jaw specialists, doctors, and other massage therapists who have adjusted, injected, rubbed, and prescribed apparati costing thousands of dollars. Now here I am two weeks later and can open my mouth wide enough to bite into an apple for the first time in ages! I am so happy with being able to live without clicking and a painful jaw. Now I have other areas that I would like you to focus on next!! I am so glad I decided to give you a try. I came with an open mind and you really opened my eyes!! I am critical of the services I receive and find that the therapeutic bodywork that you offer has helped me more than anything else I have ever gotten in the US or in England. Thank you.”
– F. Cumming, Celebration, FL

Here’s to fall…and pain-free jaws! Monica

BODYWORK 101: Central Sensitization Made Easy…really!

Central sensitization is simply body pain occurring because pain receptors are misfiring because they can no hold up to what is going on around your body; they are simply POOPED OUT!

Researchers such as Yunus (2007) and Nijs (2009) found that over time the build-up of all of this firing causes emerging symptoms of ‘fibromyalgia’ or ‘chronic headaches’ or ‘arthritis,’ for example. And continued misfiring of pain receptors often results in a confusing pattern of tense, shortened, bunched, and fatigued soft tissue.

Researchers Shah (2005) and Crockett et al (2002) both report that restoring the body to its normal function is possible but it requires therapeutic input. And THAT, my friends, is where professional bodywork done by a knowledgeable and trained massage therapist comes in!! Researchers are not referring to a ‘spa rub down’ that makes you feel jello-y and ready to take a nap but rather therapeutic bodywork that addresses trigger points, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and ischemia within the soft tissues of the body. Allowing the body to calm down and shut off these unnecessary feedback loops to the brain is essential in eliminating this constant arousal state which leads to central sensitization. This does not happen in one bodywork session!! It takes time. Remember, the body did not get this way over night.

Lastly, Nijs et al (2009) affirms that soft tissue mobilization is a necessary piece to a comprehensive care plan for those with chronic pain. The soft tissue mobilization they speak about is literal movement of the soft tissue for a prolonged period of time and not to be confused with chiropractic adjustments, joint mobilization of physical therapy, or exercising done in personal training. It is massage. It is not one 30 minute session, but enough treatment to actually help your body stop, change directions, and form new nerve pathways in your brain for different and better body communication. Yes, one massage is nice, but probably won’t help in the grand scheme of central sensitization issues. When the bodywork is comprehensive, consistent, and issue specific THAT is when change will occur…and you just might want to get out your dancing shoes!

DID YOU KNOW? The Different Levels of Organic

100% Organic – All ingredients are organically produced

USDA Certified Organic – Contains 95% or more organic ingredients

Made with Organic Ingredients – 70-95% organic ingredients

Natural – doesn’t mean much in terms of ‘organic-ness’ of a product

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