2012 September

Clients Comment On Their Treatment

“I wanted to tell you about my ankle. I injured it on May 5. I twisted it by stepping over something and landing wrong. My ankle was swollen and painful for first week then just sore thereafter and easily aggravated. I iced it at night and whenever I could. This took the swelling out for a while after application. It was still sore when we met in Houston in June. After you did energy work, it was a little sore next day, but by the day after all remnant of injury was gone. Panaway was what you put on it…It was amazing how the swelling was gone by the next afternoon and I never had one iota of trouble again. The following weekend I danced with some very bad dancers and one caused me to turn that same ankle and I thought.. ‘here we go’.. but it didn’t cause any issues at all..”
-T. DeBoer, Houston, TX

“My ears felt a lot better after you worked on them. I tried it with some Melaleuca and Rosemary but it didn’t work as well as the Purification essential oil that you used. I plan to order some Purification. Thank for all you do.”
-I. Mashburn, St. Cloud, FL

Here’s to back to school, health…and pain-free ankles! Monica

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