2013 December

Labeling 101

Let’s decipher a couple words labelers like to toss around to make their product enticing.

Enriched- This means that the manufacturer replaced nutrients lost in processing

Fortified- This means that the manufacturer added nutrients that don’t naturally occur in the ingredients used to make the product

Functional- This is a catchall phrase for ingredients not having specific health benefits…this makes me wonder why I would want to be eating it!!

Winter Flu Defense (2 of 2)

Layer on the protection against bacteria and viruses when they are at their peak. Choose from an entire line of products such as sore throat lozenges, bar soap, household cleanser, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

I appreciate direct and effective nature of all of these options. The lozenges are a life saver on days when my throat is a little scratchy, seemingly relieving the scratchiness and usurping the sore throat. I keep a spray bottle filled with a solution of cleaner and water right by my kitchen sink; it makes a great veggie and fruit wash as well as a great triple-duty spray in the dishwasher and disinfectant for the counter. A concentrated application on burned on food has been known to revive a hopeless stock pot. And the toothpaste doubles as an effective deodorant – a pea-size application to each underarm and I have all day and all natural protection…and so does everyone else!!

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