2013 February


I don’t know about you, but these first two months this year have blown by! After Christmas, 2013 came in like a flash and has picked up speed ever since.

Visceral Manipulation

I ended last year by attending the first of several Visceral Manipulation workshops (for a second time) in Tampa. The organs are what Dr. Barral calls “the missing link” because they are often forgotten about in bodywork. Visceral Manipulation is a set of highly effective tools that address organ restriction. As I have been implementing some of the techniques in session, clients have been experiencing new found fascial freedom in shoulders, necks, hips, etc. Wonderful!

During this workshop I thought I would get so organized for the coming year and set to work conceptualizing all of the 2013 newsletters. By the time I was done with the workshop I had felt so accomplished and sighed with a smile as I invisioned the ease of simply tweaking a newsletter before I sent it on its way.

Over the Christmas holiday Emme and I enjoyed a day at the Tampa Aquarium. What a wonderful and educational time! Little did I know that ‘the flu’ was just starting and I wound up in bed the next day and for the following 10 with a nasty case of it. I did enjoy the rest, but the hacking cough, sleepless nights, and pain involved I could have done with out!


In my plan for January rested an exciting trip to Sedona for a workshop retreat called Release and Renewal. As I hacked my way into the new year, I prayed that I would kick the nastiness before my trip! I spent a rejuvenating 10 days among the red rocks and continuing to recouperate. It was at this time when I thought I could open up my first pre-prepared newsletter and send it along. But, lo, when I sought the files on my computer it was nowhere to be found. Thus I came to the stark realization that all of my organization and hard work in Tampa had vanished into cyberspace. All of my newsletters had disappeared! (Don’t you hate when that happens?)

Well I returned from my Sedona trip after having experienced much renewal as well as having savored the sights of “The Birthing Cave” and the ghost town of Jerome to a busy month of February which included preparing for a chair massage event that I was to do at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. I was offered the opportunity to massage at the international and highly successful Twirl Mania Baton Twirling Championship. What an education! I have never seen so much talent…and BLING!! And I was just delighted that girls would come to the table there looking for relief from pulled muscles and finding it! Mom’s were so thankful that massage was being offered and one even commented that this was the first event where she had seen massage and her daughter had been twirling for over 10 years!

With that behind me now and my feet back on the ground, I am finally able to put some thoughts into words and connect with all of you! I hope that your year has started off well and trust that all of you are keeping busy. I have been busy too. It is always such an honor to walk with all of you though the issues that bring you to the massage table. I am thankful for the healing that happens there. I continue to keep active people like yourself pain-free and able to meet your performance goals. Thank you for so many kind words of my work that you share with others. I appreciate your referrals.


On the horizon for summer this year I have planned to take some CST coursework in the Bahamas! (I know, difficult…but somebody has to do it!!) I will be doing something called Bioaquatic Therapy learning to treat with the assistance of dolphins and then participating in a clinic where clients will come for treatment done by multiple therapists (of which I will be one) and dolphins. Herb and Emme will join me at one point down there and we will take part in a Shared Experience session where we will be treated as a family by dolphins. The dolphins, as the emit sonar, approach those in the lagoon and can detect dysfunction in the body and treat it. I cannot wait!

Why not stop in for a top-of-the-year session and mention this newsletter for 10% off of your treatment! You will be glad you did…and I will be thrilled to see you.

Blessings on your 2013,
Monica Leibacher

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