2013 May

Gentle Reminder: How Flu Vaccines are Made

Strains selected are cultivated in chick embryos for several weeks before being inactivated with formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. According to the CDC, the majority of flu vaccines contain thimerosal (mercury). Some contain as much as 25 mcg of mercury per dose, meaning it may contain more than 250x the EPA’s safety limit. You can also find:
-aluminum – neurotoxin
-Triton X-100 – detergent
-Ethylene glycol – antifreeze
-Betapropiolactone – disinfectant
-Nonoxynol – kill STDs
-Octoxinol 9 – vaginal spermicide

A total of 6.1% of seniors injected with the regular Fluzone vaccine experienced a serious adverse event including:
-abnormally low platelet count, which can result in abnormal bleeding
-Guillain-Barre syndrome
-spinal cord inflammation
-inflammation of the optic nerve
-enlarged lymph nodes
-Bell’s palsy
-Itchy skin
-inflammatory destruction of blood vessels
-Convulsions, fainting, dizziness

You might do some homework before getting your flu shot! Visit Mercola.com for more info.

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