2013 November

Happy Fall!

I am loving the cooler weather here in central Orlando these days.  It has been helpful in drying the sweat off my brow as I feverishly transition to a Mac from my trusty old Dell.  Some of you might be cringing as if I just scraped my nails on a chalkboard while others of you may be saying (as several Millennia Apple store employees have) “Glad you’re coming over from the dark side!”  Nevertheless, I have been reinventing the wheel in several cases, how I send the monthly newsletter being one of them.  I am liking the new format.  I hope you do too!

Nail Know-How

You can learn much about you health from your fingernails, the window into your body’s internal atmosphere by observing their look, shape, and color. Healthy nails pink on the nail bed indicate rich blood supply. If you polish your nails, give them a break. Let them breathe and take a look at what they are telling you.
“Fingernail & Tongue Diagnosis,” Dr. Chi  (Allfit Enterprises, Provo, UT)

Winter Flu Defense (1 of 2)

When viruses challenge us from all sides you can come out on top. Build a “zone of protection” around your home, office, and family by using Thieves Essential Oil Products. This collection of products from Young Living boosts your immune system and reduces the spread of germs.
Hundreds of scientific reports confirm antimicrobial action of essential oils. Thieves Blend has been found to have a 99.8% kill rate against airborne bacteria during rigorous testing at Weber State University.

Reaping the benefits is easy! Morning and night apply 1-2 drops of Thieves to soles of feet then cup hands around nose and inhale deeply.

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