2014 February

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Congratulations to all the Celebration Marathoners and Half Marathoners!  It was nice to meet so many of you in the massage area after the race.  I loved working with fellow FSMTA members to provide post-race massage for runners.  I could have done without the bird poop though…yes…right on my and my client’s pants.  While some say it is good luck, I was just thankful to have a Clorox wipe on hand for both of us to clean it up!!

Speaking of cleaning…Does mere thought of spring cleaning give you a headache and jaw pain?  Are you clenching?  Does your jaw click when it opens?  Can you even get it open?  These are common complaint of clients with temporomandibular joint issues.

Over time symptoms can worsen to ringing ears (tinnitus), earaches, jaw tightness, neck pain, and headaches. Checking in with your dentist is always recommended but by working muscles around the TM joint, neck, and shoulders a massage therapist can help reduce the tightness and ease the pain.

CranioSacral Therapy is the perfect light touch modality to address tight muscles in your jaw, ear, temples, and at the base of your head.  This therapy can be applied to the muscles inside your mouth also to target the TM joint that connects your jaw to your skull.  Light touch by a therapist with a gloved hand helps the jaw muscles to relax and create balance again.

If you have had mouth work performed before by another practitioner you may not relish such a treatment again because it hurt.  I work with 5g of pressure or less (the weight of a nickel).  Clients who have had this therapy are excited about the results  they get and the freedom to move their jaw.  They often remark about how much bigger their mouth feels inside and that they can “bite into an apple for the first time in years.”

Taming Inflammation with Essential Oils

Inflammation can be caused by a variety of conditions including bacterial infection, poor diet, chemicals, hormonal imbalance and physical injury.  Inflammation is the body’s response to infection and injury and it decreases when the assailing factor is alleviated.

German Chamomile essential oil contains azulene, a blue compound that is highly anti-inflammatory.  Wintergreen is also good for inflammation and pain.  In particular, myrrh and cistus work well for tissue and capillary inflammation and bruising; German chamomile and melaleuca alternifolia are helpful with inflammation due to bacterial infection; and ravensara and hyssop are appropriate for inflammation caused by viral infection.

Heartburn 101:  You Guessed it…Lemons!

Surprise! Natural fresh lemon juice is actually a natural remedy for mild heartburn. Lemon may look acidic and unfriendly to you but the substances it contains causes a basic reaction in the stomach that counteracts the cause of the heartburn.  Just mix the juice of 1/2 squeezed lemon in 8oz water and sip slowly upon awakening each morning.

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