2014 June

Food Affects Body Odor

Just as certain foods can make you feel better or worse, there are foods that can make you smell better or worse!

Dr. Sanjay Gupta recommends a combination of magnesium, Vitamin A and zinc for a fresher smell. Dark leafy greens, carrots and tuna make a great smell-good combination.

Foods to avoid?  Cabbage, peas, red meat, eggs, soy.

The Body and Enzymes

Enzymes are a special protein produced by living organisms and composed of amino acids. They are catalysts enabling many essential biochemical reactions in our bodies.  Without them we could not function.

Enzymes are not ‘consumed’ in the daily body processes but rather are like supervisors.  Without their supervision work would not be accomplished.  Enzymes have to build up in the body in order to function.  Without build-up some metabolic processes happen very slowly or not at all.

Every biochemical function of the body requires enzymes to facilitate the building of compounds, unlocking nutrients, and breaking down substances such as food, toxins, and chemical wastes in the body. So, when enzymes are disrupted, our bodies lose their ability to function properly.  Enzyme disruptors and destroyers include Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and antibiotics; chemotherapy or radiation therapy; and microwave cooking.

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