2014 October

Have you pre-paid for massages?

Please give me a call to schedule.  I have them logged for you safe and sound, but I do not call you to schedule the sessions.  They don’t expire, but come on in and use them.  You ‘knead’ it!!

Benefits of Massage for Babies

They are many!!!  And giving massage to an infant also benefits the caregiver.  Anecdotal information and research studies have shown many positive short and long-term benefits of infant massage.  Though no claims are made that massage ‘cures’ anything and no benefit is absolute the chances that massage will help growing babies by improving the functioning of all systems of the body:  skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous is a pretty good chance!

Additionally, baby massage provides stimulation, relaxation, relief, and interaction necessary for meeting milestones on time.

With our skin being our body’s largest organ, offering sensory stimulation that calms and organizes baby’s system can aid in the reduction of stress hormones (cortisol) and help baby increase their tolerance for stress from the environment.

Did you know that between 0-3 years is known as the myelination period of life?  It is during this time that the myelin, the insulating layer on the nerves is formed.  This layer is what is present the rest of baby’s life ensuring that feedback loops are transmitting along nerve pathways just like they should.  The sensory stimulation present in a massage helps speed the formation of myelin.  (It has been determined that those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis have insufficiently myelinated nerves.)

Not only does massage encourage myelin formation but it also aids in overall neurological development, something very important in IQ development.

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Make Your Own Sinus Pillow
Mix together in a bowl:
1/2C of flax seeds
1 part crushed spearmint leaf
1 part crushed peppermint leaf
1 part lavender buds
1 part eucalyptus leaf
1 part rosemary leaf
Enhance aroma with corresponding essential oils.  Stuff bag, sew end, and Ahhhhhh…!

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