2015 December

Correct Anitomical Position

Body At Rest

The next time you observe yourself in the mirror here are a couple of things to try and identify…

1.  Are your shoulders level?
2.  Are your shoulders rotated inwards as to pull you into a forward slump?
3.  Are your ears positioned in front of your shoulders (known as forward head posture)at all or are they aligned with them?
3.  Are your hips tilted to one side or the other?
4.  Are your hips rotated forward?

Often massage can help with these things.  For example, shoulders that are rounded forward can be addressed by working with the Pectorals Major (the muscle that spans the front of the body over the ribcage)

Awareness is the first key to improvement!  Once you have checked for these things add a little motion.  If you ‘row’ your arms, for example, does one move more freely than the other?  And if you bend your knee and grab your toes does one leg seem to have more ability to move?

These things are important to tell you massage therapist.  Upon knowing this information, your therapist can execute a massage treatment that is finely tuned to suit your needs.

Pizza on Christmas Eve

For Christmas my family has traditionally had homemade pizza on Christmas Eve.
I will never forget the year when…I added 1 CUP of oil to the dough when I should’ve only added 1 TABLESPOON!  Needless to say I spent the entire day making crust and I had a complete supply of pre-made crust for the entire upcoming year.

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