2015 February

When Massage IsN’T a Good Idea

Many folks are long overdue for their time on the massage table, but (believe it or not!) a massage may not always be the right choice for an individual due to contraindications  – conditions that negate massage therapy.

Infection is one of them.  During its acute phase, your body is working overtime to fight and recover.  Massage may overstimulate your system and leave you feeling worse.  Now, I have successfully used craniosacral therapy for clients who can’t seem to shake sinus infections or who have lingering head and chest colds.  Make sure that you are in the best shape possible when you arrive – well hydrated and rested.

Intoxication is a contraindication. A rainy day vacation activity after imbibing during lunch…not such a good idea.  Alcohol desensitizes your body making it hard to give good feedback.  Additionally, it dehydrates muscles and you will wind up feeling worse than when you arrived.  Something else to keep in mind is now with all of the medical uses for marijuana, coming for massage therapy too soon after using that drug is not the best either.  Use caution and common sense…get your massage first!!

Conditions like heart or kidney failure render effects of massage too taxing for the circulatory system and place excess demands on already failing organs.  Acute injury or very recent surgery not yet been cleared by your doc are also no-goes.  And again, the light touch of craniosacral therapy, once OK’d for bodywork by your doc, can facilitate faster healing at those sites.  The key is to inform your therapist of all details so the most correct modality is used during your session.

Blood thinners, blood pressure medication, topical hormone creams, injectable medication, muscle relaxers and pain killers are very important to mention to your massage therapist.  Not that they prohibit massage, but they require your therapist to treat in more specialized ways.  So mention them.  After all, you want to receive the best effect possible from your treatment…right?

Survey Says…

Several months ago I asked you all a few questions about massage and many of you responded.  Your answers were full of insight for me.  Thank you for taking the time to speak up!

2 Words that describe Massage are…
1.  Relaxation
2.  Pain Relief
3.  Health Care

Why do you get Massages?
1.  Pain Relief
2.  Relaxation
3.  To be Pro-Active

I thought this was interesting…the #1 word that you thought of when you you thought ‘massage’ was relaxation but the #1 reason you come for massage is pain relief.

Effects of Massage for you are…
1.  Healing/ Pain-Free Living
2.  Relaxation/ Well Being
3.  Improved Flexibility

Long-term benefits of Massage for you are…
1.  Self-Awareness/ Clarity/ Improved Focus
2.  Reduced Stress
3.  Reduction in Pain
4.  Improve Immunity/ Range of Motion/ Circulation

I thought this a wonderful list and am so happy that you are experiencing life from these vantage points!

What causes you to seek/not seek Massage?
1.  It’s positive effects./ I love them!
2.  Fear/ Afraid pain will get worse
3.  Finances

I heard it once said that everything you want is on the other side of fear! 🙂

What would make you stop getting Massages?
1.  Finances
2.  Disconnect with therapist
3.  Issues are resolved

Massages detoxify, enhance performance, and can speed recovery.

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