2015 June

The other day I overheard a lady sharing about the stiff neck she had on her right side.  It always amazes me how many needlessly live with pain.  Given the situation I smiled and gave my condolences when in fact I wanted to jump out of my skin and scream, “GET A MASSAGE!”

I find that many don’t know what massage is about beyond the fluffy slippers and bathrobes of a spa.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fluffy slippers and bathrobes because usually there are some very yummy snacks nearby!  I don’t know about you, but when I am in pain, I am not looking for chocolate covered strawberries and warmed biscotti…I am looking for relief.

One of the biggest compliments a client can give me (besides a big yawn when I come back into the treatment room) is to mention the massage that I offer to a friend in pain and encourage them to come in.  One of the biggest honors I have is to stand alongside someone and facilitate a massage session for them that lessens their pain and increases their range of motion.

Thank you to all of you who logged in an shared a comment in Yelp.  We can never have too many.  We need to help people know just how much massage can help them.

Thanks for being awesome and for making my day!
Be Well,

Did you Know?  Immune Support

Every year around this time the media floods us with predictions about the upcoming flu season.  So here are a few things to help keep you a head of the game!

1.  Proper hand washing is one of the most effective methods of preventing the spread of flu.

2.  Maximize your sleep!

3.  Drink lots of water!

Massage helps you feel better.
Let a doc know today!

DIY: Ice Pack

Icing an injury is one of the best first things you can do.  Have you pulled out that frozen bag of peas and applied it to the area in need?

Well now you can make your own ice pack and have it frozen and ready for the next boo-boo that comes your way. The key ingredient, rubbing alcohol, helps the pack stay cooler longer and contour to ankles and knees since it does not freeze solid.

Here is all you do:
1.  Mix 3C water and 1C rubbing alcohol in one-gallon Ziplock storage bag.
2.  Shake the liquids together, release excess air, and zip bag shut.  Double bag to prevent leaks if you feel you must.  Put it in the freezer – about two hours for a slushy consistency.
3.  Place towel or washcloth between skin and ice pack and apply ice pack for 15-20 min.  Replace in freezer so it is ready to use again in the future

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