2016 August

In case you haven’t heard…

…August is the month that we have been waiting and prepping for!  The first week of August we will be doing a little office make-over.  The second week there are a few appointments available and then the third and fourth week the office will be closed for a summer break.  If you haven’t been in a while, you will definitely want to get on the schedule to be a part of all of these exciting changes.

I have never been a fast mover per say.  I am fairly methodical and scheduled.  Once I decide on a course of action, it seems like I need to get myself ready for the change to come.  Do you know what I am talking about?  For example, going on vacation is great…and I like to get me suitcase out a month ahead and start filling it gradually so that the day of departure I am mentally ready to leave.

That is what this office make-over has been like.  And, I can say, the holding pen for the new stuff is just yearning to unload.  (I think I can hear it groaning!!!)  That being said, planning is great.  Methodical and scheduled is great too.  And finishing is definitely great!

Joy in your journey!

What are NOT Essential Oils

For something to be an essential oil it must be distilled form a plant.  Period.

For that which is distilled from a plant to have therapeutic benefits the temperature at which it is distilled is very important.

Distillation temperatures that are too hot will not make the oil harmful but will deplete its ability to work.  It is for this same reason that storage is important – keeping them at room temperature and not forgetting them in the hot car.

A concoction that I have seen – and even enjoyed – that just is not an essential oils is CHOCOLATE.  The concoction may have contained cacao, smelled absolutely sinful, and caused me to gain five pounds with just one whiff but I just had to taste it…YUCK!  It tasted like cleaning fluid, like turpentine or something.

This leads me to something I love about PURE essential oils.  I use them to flavor food.  And I sure wouldn’t want to add that chocolate liquid to a cake!  I love 5-10 drops of peppermint in my brownies, a drop of sage and black pepper in my turkey brine, and a drop of oregano in my Italian dressing…if I know that what I am adding is a food!  And all of those oils are indeed foods.

Another concoction that I have enjoyed is STRAWBERRY.  Every now a little girl will come into the office for a massage and I will pull out my ‘fun’ oils…the strawberry.  I bet you are wondering if I tasted this one too.  Yes, I did!  And it tasted like strawberry flavored glycerin.  They do not distill strawberries so there is no oil to be had.  My guess was that it was a food flavoring that was being sold as an essential oil.

One last concoction that I have experienced is the two little bottles of Frankincense and Myrrh that I bought on EBay.  I thought I would take the cheaper way out; their price was substantially less than others I normally buy.  When my vials of liquid gold arrived I opened them and was greeted with a great smell clearly NOT from a tree…a candle perhaps but not a tree.  So, I ordered a bottle of each from Young Living.  If you stop into the office I can let you smell the little vials and then the bottles of essential oil.  There is no mistaking any of them; you will know immediately.  (Oh, and to be sure, I did not indulge in a taste of either one of these!  I learned my lesson after the chocolate!!)

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