2016 March

How much is your health worth to you?

Two people called me today looking for bodywork.  They wanted to come in “right now” because they saw a social media deal.  One had a long standing history of back spasms and bulging and herniated discs and the other a list of health conditions including autoimmune disorders.  I don’t understand why those with such serious conditions would want ‘chance it’ with a social media coupon.  Neither currently got massage and one of them was on vacation!  I also started to think about the high (unspoken) expectations placed on a massage session especially when health concerns are at stake, left unaddressed to the point of pain, and allotted only 30 minutes to improve.

I am always happy to sell a massage session – don’t get me wrong – but when someone is only giving me 30 minutes to address such a chronic condition it is hard for me to see how I can help.  Listening to the body is a big job.  Providing what it needs is big too.  I take that so seriously.  I desire to do that for everyone who comes in.  I value the health of all of my clients so much.  I clients, now and tomorrows, to know ‘how’ to use massage in order to get the most benefit from it.

Personally I get regular massages and take weekly Epsom salt baths.  People always want to know where I go.  I go to various places, schedule, and pay just like the rest.  I schedule my massages sometimes two months in advance.  I know when it is my turn on the table and plan that time into my schedule to strengthen my health.  I look forward to it!!
I can’t encourage enough all who are reading to do the same.
Care for your health while you have it.
Be kind to yourself!

Joy in your journey!

Celebrating Homesteading

Last month I provided the wrong link!  One would think I don’t proof read these before I send them!!  I have the correct link up above to the February video on my method for fertilizing my garden.  You can get to the January video from there too.  Sorry about that!

Here is the “REAL” Link to Celebrating Homesteading on Youtube

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