2017 December

Happy New Year!

Your Word for the New Year and a Few Questions Answered

So if you have been around for some time you know that each year I choose a word for the upcoming year’s theme. It is my answer to resolutions. I have chosen the word UNDIVIDED for the year’s theme. I look forward to seeing what I will unpack surrounding that. My word last year was mountains and who knew that God would stand me on top of the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount in Israel? God all was keeps me guessing, that is for sure!

I would love to hear what your word for the year is. Tell me on our Facebook page.

When folks come in who are new to the office they seem to have similar questions. Over the next few months I thought I would answer 4 or 5 of the most common ones. For example:
1. How many treatments will this take?
2. What are you doing when you do (manual lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, bodywork)?
3. What is craniosacral therapy?
4. Do you take insurance?
5. Can you help me find someone in my area who does what you do?
6. Does the water in the ionic detox footbath eventually become clear if you do enough of the footbaths?

Great questions!

In the newsletter let me start with the how many treatments will I need question. different people’s bodies work at different speeds and I just don’t know what that is. Additionally why you seek treatment will directly affect your rate of recovery. Are you coming in for post-surgery hip replacement? Do you have tight quads due to athletics? Are you simply relaxing? Sometimes results are very specific — “The headache I came in with is gone for the first time in 22 days.” Other times the results are cumulative — “I don’t know exactly how I feel better but I feel different than before the treatment and the different I feel is better” or “Over time I have noticed that I (am getting fewer headaches. I haven’t had one in 2 two weeks and in the past I would get them every 3-4 days).”

I always tell clients to benchmark how they feel. Think of a frequent occurrence (like headaches, knee pain, or sleep pattern) and use that thing’s rate of reoccurrence to gauge improvement. Often times benchmarks disappear for clients which is exciting. At that point they know that they can now approach treatment as maintenance rather than acute therapy.

Now with manual lymphatic drainage I know (because clients tell me and all of their answers match) that it takes 3 sessions within 3-4 days for lymph to start flowing faster; clients report itchy skin, increased trips to the bathroom, the feel of flow under the skin, etc. Those comments line right up with protocol and what seems to be happening for other MLD recipients across the board. The rate treatments are received is very important to the outcome as well at the number.

The number one mistake I have to say I see folks make is stopping before they are done. Who paints a house, leaves the last 1/4 unpainted, and then stands back and announces that painting does not work to make the house look better? None. Treatment approached in this manner is also unsuccessful.

Next month I will tackle another question. Meanwhile, if you have a further question about the topic shoot me an email.

Happy Happy New Year to you!

For My Latest Endeavor…

Not that I am every wanting for things to fill my time but…I have been doing historical re-enactment as many of you know and it seems that a few doors have been opening for me to check out. Exciting! My hubby helped me layout the foundation of a new website that you are welcome to check out. Though it is not done yet we have a good head start! The video on the home page is from the Fall Jamboree at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. I am looking forward to a photoshoot with a friend in January. Those pictures will be added to the site; I will keep you posted.

Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.
To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy,
is to have the real spirit of Christmas. -Calvin Coolidge

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