2017 February

Has this ever been you?

I recently was reading an article about table manners of yesteryear.
I have to admit that I had not heard of a few of them.  For example:
never take a drink with food in your mouth and don’t blow on your soup to cool it off.

Others on the list a little more familiar were:
blow your nose quietly, sit up, and say grace.

Two not on the list that I wish were:
1.  Cover nose and mouth up completely with hand when coughing or sneezing, then go wash.
2.  Absolutely no cell phone use at the table.

Last month I talked about using baking soda as deodorant.  In the Celebrating Homesteading video below for February I actually take you into the ‘inner sanctum’ and show you how it is done.

February video from Celebrating Homesteading


When Massage Doesn’t Work

How many of you have thought, “Yeah, I know massage is a great thing, but when doesn’t it work?”  There are times when this could very well be the case.  Let’s take a look at three of them…

1.  When it is contraindicated.  In some diagnosed situations, massage is not appropriate.  These are cases where a person has had medical history and interactions with doctors who say not to get massage.  Sometimes, certain types of massage are no-no’s while others are ok.  Specifically ask your doc if he mentions ‘no massages.’

2.  When a person needs to get up and exert energy.  If someone needs to go run around or blow off some steam lying down on a table quietly is not the right activity at that time.  Sometimes clients ‘get antsy’ laying down for so long and scheduling a shorter session, say 30 minutes, or sitting up during part of the session could also help.

3.  When a person does not get enough massage in order to solve the issue.  Massage is not like an aspirin though it can be as or more effective in getting rid of headaches.  But as some can testify, you have to give you body enough massage in order for it to be able to make the changes desired.  13 years of a knee pain most likely will not go away in one or two treatments.  And expecting it to would be just as silly as wondering why you’re hungry on Friday when you just ate on Monday.  Giving the body what it needs is key.

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