2017 July

This we me this morning…

…when I answered my first call of the day and the caller said, “I just found your website and it was so helpful.” I had just spend the last two days completely updating it, even hitting the sack at about 3am this morning just so I could finish up.

If you haven’t stopped by the site in a while, I direct you to the all new Manual Lymphatic Drainage page. There is a “Like” button at the bottom; if you learned even a little bit while glancing at it, hit that “like” button, please. And don’t miss the revamped Treatment Options page with a brand new video at the bottom!

While I was feverishly updating Rosewood’s site, Young Living was updating my business site. If you have never clicked over there, now is a great time to take a look.

Lastly, while I was updating the Newsletter archive I found two surveys that many of you have already taken but that all of our new Rosewood family members have not seen. All are welcome to participate regardless of how long you have been around. Survey are super helpful to me, helping me to provide what you need!

Survey #1
Survey #2

Smiling from ear to ear!
Monica, BS.Ed, LMT, CST, CMLDT


It is still on, but only for a little while longer…
The 5 day intro deal includes:
*taking of baseline measurements
*5 50-min sessions (5 consecutive days) for $200
*1 kinesiontape application (An at home application of tape is available for $10.)
*Sorry, make-ups are not available
*Sorry, non-consecutive appts are reg price (4 50-min sessions, $280 / 1 70-min session, $90)

Thank you! Thank you! Reviews help soon much!
If you have not left one, would you please?

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July – Celebrating Homesteading

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