2017 June

Things We Take for Granted

“Cheep.  Cheep.  Cheep.”  Lately I have noticed a particular cardinal who visits my garden every morning and evening.  I have come to integrate tossing a few maggots from my wormer onto the sidewalk for him to breakfast on and on occasion scolding a crow for coming and stealing them into my morning routine.

I have come to enjoy his morning visits and realize that I have not paid much attention to the birds like this before…perhaps taking them for granted.  Since then I have found bird feeder to hang in the backyard.  I hope that the black-oil sunflower seeds are to his liking!

There have been other things in life that I have taken for granted:  a friendship, as job, a garden harvest.  I’ve found that learning not to do that causes other things to pop into my field of vision.  Like rain.  Funny how when we don’t get much of it it becomes so much more important.  Or what about breathing?  Have you ever considered that this body function goes on day and night with little more than a thought?  What about bending over?  When your hamstrings get tight forward bending can be a problem.

I’ll let you know how the cardinal does…and meanwhile, as I write this newsletter, I recognize that it has started to rain.  How wonderful!

Here’s to renewed appreciation for the little things!

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