2017 May

How can YOU benefit from Lymph Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage Intro Special

$200 for the week

The 5 day intro deal includes:
*taking of baseline measurements
*5 50-min sessions (5 consecutive days)
*1 kinesiontape application  (An at home application of tape is available for $10.)
*Sorry, make-ups are not available
*Sorry, non-consecutive appts are reg price (4 50-min sessions,  $280 / 1 70-min session, $90)

Clients have noted better sleep, less water retention, decrease in edema, less puffiness in eye area, decrease in headaches, briefly itchy skin (indication that lymph has begun moving under the skin and flushing out stagnant lymph…”the toilet is flushing!!!!!). and overall less soreness.

This deal will not be around forever.
Schedule now.  Appointments are filling up!

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