2018 September

Rest Sabbatical

As many you know, I am embarking on a rest sabbatical. 2018 has been the busiest year in the history of Rosewood and I am feeling very blessed and thankful to all of you for being such a big part of that!!

As I finish up August, I realize that I need to rest. I have noticed that I just haven’t felt refreshed in the morning, that my eating has gone out of balance due to lack of planning, and that (inspite of riding over 300 miles on my bike so far this year) the amount of exercise that I have been getting is not adequate.

So I am taking the next four months to add in a nap 1-2 times each week, restructure my diet (which I have already been doing and am so happy to say that I have been noticing a big difference), and make sure I have a nice sized walk at least once a week. Other things that have been put off for so long are also getting attention…and the chance to do that already feels so good.

I have also evaluated hidden time suckers and have decided to removed myself and the business from Facebook (adding 4.5 hours to my week). That is just my start. I am continuing to look at that and plan to manage things differently.

All of that being said, I am pausing all scheduling until after the first of the year. Thank you all so much for understanding my need to do this. This year I have been so sporadic with ‘monthly’ newsletters (due to not having any down time to write them). I have time now to connect with all of you! I will write again in October.

In the meantime, know that I miss you all and am thinking about you! Blessings, Monica

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