2019 April

Things we talk about all of the time and didn’t realize they were actually called something!

Over the next several months I will discuss six words in the word of massage! Start throwing these words around at work and folks will wonder where you have been!


The first word, TENSEGRITY, is an amazing characteristic in the body where tensional integrity comes together. Compressional elements (the bones) are ’spacers’ supplying proper tension to the tensional elements (skin, muscles, connective tissue). Compressional elements do not touch each other – or at least they shouldn’t! Evenly distributing tension through the whole body rather than accumulating it in pockets keeps the body stable and flexible. Should you throw your back out and you experience the pain of missing tensegrity. The more we hunch over, sit, get injured, etc the more compromised and out of whack this tensegrity becomes and we blame it on ‘aging.’

This short video by massage master, Tom Myers, illustrates tensegrity and mentions a favorite phrase of mine…  WHERE THE PAIN IS THE PROBLEM ISN’T.


The second word of the month is FASCIA. If you have been coming to my office for any length of time you have most likely heard me mention fascia. Fascia is a continuous web of shapeshifting wrapper made mainly from collagen that covers everything inside our bodies – muscles, organs, everything. We may have even had the conversation where I demonstrate fascial effect in the body by twisting the armpit of my shirt and noting increased tension in the fabric across my torso.

This video is the research of Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau. In Strolling under the Skin Dr. Guimberteau films fascia and vascular movement.

How is your tensegrity and your fascia?
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