2019 August

Is Craniosacral Therapy for you?

Common Questions

“I am into sports and am sore. Do you do deep tissue?” (I got this one again yesterday.)

“I have a sore neck. Would craniosacral therapy help with that?”

“I have been getting a headache in the back of my head, can massage help with that?”

“What is a lymphatic drainage session like?”

Craniosacral is a modality good for ANY type of soreness AND for overall health and you don’t need to have “an issue” to ask me to do that kind of session for you.

I provide treatment that is specific, accurate, and goal specific. I DO NOT just ‘dig in’ and try to press as hard as I can. That is does not offer long-term benefit, nor is it wise.

And maybe you want to try out Manual Lymphatic Drainage…check out this video.

Create Reasonable Expectations for Bodywork

4 sessions 10 days apart provides enough therapy to know if bodywork can help create ‘different.’

Injuries accumulate if they are not addressed.

Just because you were hit by a motorcycle and thrown from your bike at age 9, had a rafting accident back in your college days, and slipped during your last rock climbing outing doesn’t mean those injuries are not affecting you now.

Deep Do-Do?

In a documentary about pain I saw last week the commentator made a comment with which I 100% concurred: “We are a pain avoidant society. We feel pain and immediately strive to eradicate it rather than recognize that it is trying to give us an important message about our body, something that we need to address.”

He was saying that we would be in deep do-do (that is my technical way of saying it!!) if we were unable to feel pain. I had never thought of that, have you?

Remember, where the pain is the problem isn’t!


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