2019 February

Have you ever said to yourself, “This is IT!”?

That’s how I entered 2019! As you know I have downsizing – my closets and my waistline. Since the closet downsize has moved ahead much more quickly, I decided to enlist a diet program for help. Mind you, I have NEVER done this before. With so many ideas about what healthy is, I was a bit skeptical to have someone else tell me what that was and base a diet around it.

Anyway, a few days ago I hit a plateau – I knew it was coming! When I went for my weekly weigh-in she told me I needed a plateau breaker. “Great, what do I do?” “Well, you have two options. The first is to not eat until 6pm tomorrow night…” In my head, I thought, “EUREKA! Now I know what I have been doing wrong all of these years!!!!” I opted for the second option: eat 5-6 apples throughout the day.

Well, I made it beyond my plateau and as I rode my bike to the post office with my favorite flip-flops on I kept losing them along the way. I realized, “Hey, my FEET are thinner! SUPER!!” Not entirely my aim, but at this point every small advancement is encouraging!

In the spirit of reduction and enhancing, I was considering my website content. Would you mind taking a look through my site and give me your feedback? I want to add some new content (and change what is there if necessary). What do you think it needs? What would be helpful for someone new trying to decide if they should come in or not? Can you email me your comments? I would find all of them super helpful. Thank you so much!

The pastor at church defined love in action last week in his sermon: Being willing to give up what I ‘desire’ so that someone else can have what they ‘need’. As 2019 rolls into Valentine’s Day, I have that on my mind…that and giant, moist, forbidden slices of delicious banana bread!

Love to you, Monica

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