2019 May

Crazy Massage Words – Part 2

But first a word of welcome…
Welcome to all those who I met this past week at the CORNERSTONE HOSPICE Health Fair. Welcome to the Rosewood Massage Family – the most relaxed family around!!

As promised, I drew a winner for the 40 min Ionic Detox Footbath.
And the winner is…
(June just reply to this email or give me a call to schedule your session.)

Last month we were talking about TENSEGRITY and FASCIA. Does anyone remember what they are? Well, we are kicking it up a notch this month with two more words. Are you ready?

Our first word, LYMPHANGIOMOTORICITY, is the speed at which your lymphatic fluid flows through your lymph vessels. This is important because your lymph system is the sewer system for your body and, just like your toilet, it needs to be moving stuff out! When it is not flowing we experience swelling, fluid retention, congestion, bloating, and achy pain. We might think we have allergies and really what the issue could be is a back-up of the lymphatic in our head. As we increase lymphangiomotoricity, drainage occurs – down the throat, out the nose, and even in needing to use the restroom. Losing excess water has another nice effect – it can lower your weight up to several pounds.

This short video by illustrates how you can drain your head and speed up your lymphangiomotoricity… (until you can get in for an MLD session 🙂 )

Our second word is TURGOR. Above I mentioned one might feel achy pain feel when lymph is not flowing. Imagine you and I are blowing air into two balloons of the same size. I blow into mine once; you keep blowing into yours. Mine is limp and stretchy; yours is bursting. Imagine that balloon represents your lymphatic vessels full of stopped lymphatic fluid and is continuing to receive dirty fluid and debris from your tissues. What that outward pushing air is doing on the balloon or the stopped fluid is doing to your vessels is called turgor. In the case of lymph, it can feel achy. Lymph stagnation hurts and this can be mitigated with manual lymphatic drainage. Conversely, the right amount of turgor in the intestines is paramount because we do not want them collapsing.

How is your lymphangiomotoricity and your turgor?

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