2019 November

I had NO idea!!

Mushroom Lovers of the World Unite

When I announced my choice to start liking mushrooms, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into!

Mushroom lovers of the world have been flying under my radar!!

Little mushroom tip: I found that if I buy fresh mushrooms and dehydrate them myself that I can create a shelf-stable mushroom that can be used in my morning infusions and in my cooking. It is also quite a bit cheaper than buying them already dried. So I have been revving up the dehydrator.

I heard from so many of you congratulating me on my new found love. Out of state and in-state alike. I heard from everyone. I even got recipe suggestions!

I feel like part of the group now!

Funny thing is I thought I got my big girl pants when I started edging my grass myself. Not so! Apparently the big girl pants come when you choose to like mushrooms! Who knew?

Remember, where the pain is the problem isn’t!


PS – Stay tuned for my annual Black Friday special. I will be sending that email out on…well, Black Friday.

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