2019 October

Head Up – Shoulders Back

Correct Anatomical Position is a Body at Rest

The next time you observe yourself in the mirror here are a couple of things to look for…

1. Are your shoulders level?
2. Are your shoulders rotated inwards pulling you into a forward slump?
3. Are your ears positioned in front of your shoulders or are they aligned with them?
4. Are your hips tilted to a side or rotated forward?
5. Are your eyes in a downward gaze (looking at a phone) or are you accustomed to looking ahead?

Once you have checked for these things add a little motion. If you ‘row’ your arms, for example, does one move more freely than the other? And if you bend your knee and grab your toes does one leg seem to have more ability to move?

Massage can help with these things it sure won’t take the place of bad posture.

For example, shoulders that are rounded forward can be addressed by working with the Pectorals Major, but if you find yourself hunched over a phone the second best thing to do is to lift that phone up. The first? Lay the phone down all together…and enjoy the breeze as it blows back your hair.

Awareness is the first key to improvement!

Remember, where the pain is the problem isn’t!


PS – A while ago I put together an article based on some online research that I did regarding tattoo ink and its damaging effects on the body. Interestingly, I got this in my email a few days ago and I thought I would pass along the link – Think Before You Ink

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