2020 April


Many of you know that last year I embarked on a year of downsizing! A piece of that, as I came to learn, was hydrating my body thoroughly.

I had always thought I drank enough water but what I learned was that inflammation, carbs (even healthy ones), and a host of other poorer body functions DEHYDRATE your body! So the daily 50 ounces of water that I thought was making it into my cells were not.

Dehydration increases metabolic age

So for example, I had a chronological age (CA) of 50 but the metabolic age (MA) of 75! I was flabbergasted. It seemed that my new goal was to weight loss as much as it was to get my MA to match my CA. I did this by adjusting the kind of calories I was eating and increasing my water. I am happy to say I lowered my MA and even was able to get it 2 years under my CA!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to beef up water intake and decrease your soda consumption.

Suggested Daily Amounts
half body weight in ounces
100lbs = 50oz water

The average American drinks a staggering 56 GALLONS of soda each year.

And even more hair-raising…children as young as five years old are developing kidney stones with soda consumption being the major contributor to this disturbing trend.

Happy Spring, Monica

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