2020 February

Keeping Healthy with Coronavirus

As we are experiencing this worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, let’s all play it safe. If you are feeling unwell before your appointment, please give me a call so that we can reschedule and I will be sure to do the same. I found a little info on the CDC website that details symptoms.


Prenatal Stress Affects Infants??

Harvard research shows women stressed while pregnant birthed babies with heightened allergy sensitivies and predisposition to asthma. Pregnancy massage is one solution. Another is to reduce our exposure to stress.

One question I ask myself all of the time is “How much white space have I left in my day?”

Did you know??? You experience stress from…
• hard-to-digest processed foods
• liver-attacking beverages
• lack of sleep
What are you doing to reduce your stress?

Here are a few things to try…
1. 1T of flax oil daily (good fat)
2. Brown rice and sesame seeds (B vitamins)
3. Walk 20 min daily (endorphins)
4. Avoid sugar; it depletes B vitamins
5. Eat organically and add sea salt to your diet
(increases minerals and reduces toxins)

Did you know that I offer  Infant Massage Workshops for Caregivers?

I help parents and caregivers learn the basics of infant massage so they can confidently massage their child to help with gas stomach upset, teething, and sleep. Find more here.

Recently I read this article about 5G. It was not very promising, to say the least. Have a look.

I put together a short 3-question survey.
Would you please take it?
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