2020 June

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

MLD has been around since the 1800’s in Europe and only since the 1980’s been used here in the states. MDL comes with a lot of research backing which in 2005 found the lymph vessels in the brain during studies at the University of Virginia.

Uses are vast:


-Diabetic neuropathy
Lymph drainage takes the pressure off of the nerves.

Often ‘allergies’ are lymph congestion in the head.

When fresh, oxygenated fluid is flowing under the skin, skin issues ease and clear up.

-Pre and Post Op Preparation
Many who come in for lymph drainage before they go in for surgery report significantly less pain than expected with less use of pain medications. That is fantastic, isn’t it? Also, healing is much faster and the reduction of scarring and infection are great reduced too.

-Ear Aches/Hearing Loss
By draining the lymph in the head it allows the ears to work better.
See my video answering basic questions about lymph drainage

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