2020 May

A “New” Organ Discovered in the Body

Just when we thought we knew of everything in there…This organ, or system, dubbed interstitium is the same fascial system that therapists have been massaging for years! It is a full-body communication system made of collagen and elastin fibers, sometimes suspended in a mucousy gel and binding with interstitial fluid. This system is closely aligned with the lymphatic system and the white blood cells (immune system).

How else does your Interstitium help you?

Its viscosity dissipates sudden forces to minimize tissue damage. It gives you bounce and softens impacts. Its elasticity allows deformation that will return to normal. Its plasticity allows it to remodel in response to sustained forces like gravity, posture, or scarring from wounds.

Really not “New”

Though dubbed a new organ interstitum is part of a continuous Biomechanical Auto-Regulatory System that runs in a continuous mechanical linkage from the DNA out through proteins to that mucousy layer and on to the fascia.

Fascial layers have been known about for a long time. With new imaging capabilities, scientists have been able to see and photograph the fluids that run between the layers of the denser tissue.

This is an incredibly important find! Although it is more of a validation of concept to anatomists and manual therapists.

Thinking of you all, Monica

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