2020 October

Enzymes – The Answer for Good Digestion

As leaves change color and get ready to drop off, I bet you’re not thinking, “Wow, look at the phenomenal enzyme activity!” But that is what is happening; enzymes digest the leaves making them change colors as they decompose before your very eyes!

That enzyme action is in the kitchen too: aged meat, kefir, kimchi, kraut…

I just had my first papaya harvest yesterday and am armed canning recipes for them. Last year I learned of Achara, crunchy, fermented Green Papaya Salad deliciousness that I did not know existed.

There are three categories of enzymes:
1. Proteases – these break down proteins
2. Lipases – these break down fats
3. Amylases – these break down carbs

In each category, there are many types of enzymes. Papain is abundant in papaya.
Bromelain is abundant in pineapple. Both are proteases, for example.

Mangos contain amylases. And raw honey contains a host of other enzymes.

Enzymes make food nutrients available and enhancing the absorption of it. And as we know, immunity begins with a healthy gut. Now it makes sense!

To Your Enzymatic Health!

Freeze-dried foods are nothing new, but Ruvi Clean brings a whole new dimension to the world of cleansing and detoxing using fruits and vegetables.


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