2021 April

Specialized Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the Chest

The lymphatic drainage training that I took at the beginning of February was really eye-opening. I went for one thing and came out with a lot more than I anticipated. I expected that this training would help me offer a more well-rounded treatment for lymphatic drainage clients. I learned that HEALTHY chest tissue needs to be surveyed and treated in order to stay healthy.

In the class I learned how to:
-help a client survey healthy breast tissue and locate, if any, points of congestion that can then be addressed daily by the individual themselves.
-teach a client to perform self-care of the breast tissue
-therapeutically massage the breast area in a dignified and professional manner

So why would someone want to do that?
The chest gets congested just like your shoulder or your neck. That congestion in the breast turns it into a dry sponge causing the area to lose its shape, become tender backed-up with lymph. This kind of congestion sets the stage for other unhealthy things.

Introducing: Dignity Breast Education and Massage

Learn how to help yourself at home with some simple and straight forward techniques to survey and massage the breast

Receive well-rounded care in the office with dignified and professional techniques to massage the breast

I have been talking to clients individually regarding this and you can feel confident to reach out to me as well about this.

Most recently I have been inviting current clients to complimentary service by simply extending their scheduled appointment time so it is long enough to cover this information (usually 30 min).

Who can get this treatment?
1. Healthy female clients who want to learn to survey breast tissue and care for themselves at home.

2. Clients with any concern regarding drainage of the chest area.
(There is a therapeutic place for this work to be done on male clients and if you think you need this kind of work we can speak further about that. I desire all clients to receive well-rounded therapeutic sessions that address their needs.)

I want treatments to be accessible.

I want you have opportunity to try treatments
and see how they work for you.

Be Well, Monica

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