2021 August

Specialized Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the Chest

Why would I do that?
The chest gets congested just like tiny other area. Breast congestion turns the area into a dry sponge causing loss of shape, tenderness, etc. This sets the stage for other unhealthy things.
Dignity Breast Education and Massage

Help Yourself at Home
Simple Techniques
Survey and Massage the Breast

Receive well-rounded care in-office
Dignified and professional techniques
Massage of the Breast

Who can get this treatment?
1. Healthy female clients
2. Clients concerned with drainage of the chest area
There is a therapeutic place for this work to be done on male clients too and if you think you need this kind of work we can speak further about that. I desire all clients to receive well-rounded therapeutic sessions.

I want treatments to be accessible.

I want you to have the opportunity to try treatments and see how they work for you.

Be Well, Monica

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